MySQL Error!
MySQL error in file: \engine\gallery\classes\comments.php at line 110
Error Number: 1054
The Error returned was:
Unknown column 'icq' in 'field list'
SQL query:

SELECT, post_id, c.user_id,, autor as gast_name, as gast_email, text, c.ip, is_register, name,, news_num, comm_num, user_group, reg_date, signature, foto, fullname, land, icq, xfields, p.picture_id, p.picture_title, p.category_id, p.picture_alt_name, p.type_upload, p.picture_filname, p.full_link, p.media_type FROM mc_gallery_comments c LEFT JOIN mc_users u ON c.user_id=u.user_id, mc_gallery_picturies p WHERE c.post_id=p.picture_id AND p.category_id IN ('16') AND p.approve='1' AND c.approve='1' ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 0,60